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Argia vivida (Vivid Dancer)

Latin name:
Argia vivida
Common name:
Vivid Dancer

Distinguishing features:
(Order Odonata)The Argia species generally have purple and blue bodies with a few black markings, or brown to yellow with many black markings. In most species, males are more brightly coloured than females. found in the southern Okanagan.

British Columbia
The Vivid Dancer is known only from a few scattered springs. All but two of the localities are creeks and ponds associated with hotsprings and therefore under tremendous pressure from commercial development. In the Okanagan the only sites are a cool spring near Madeline Lake, west of Penticton, threatened by cattle trampling, and a second spring-fed stream near Okanagan Falls. Outside of the Okanagan, Vivid Dancer has only been recorded from Field and Fairmount in the Rocky Mountains, Meager Creek Hotsprings, Nakusp Hot Springs, Albert Canyon and from Glacier in the Selkirk Range.

This is a very local insect found around pools near springs or spring-fed streams inhabited by larvae. The species is associated with warm springs at Banff and Fairmont but with cold springs at Field and Glacier. It has been said that this species is so depenedent on springs that its presence anywhere may be taken as proof that a spring is nearby. . Most accessible hotsprings in British Columbia have already lost their unique flora and fauna by water diversion into swimming pools. The only population of vivid dancers not associated with a hotspring are in two small cold springs near Penticton in the South Okanagan. Both are being severely impacted by cattle or horse trampling around their margins. Argia females lay eggs in aquatic vegetation or wet wood, often submerging themselves in the process for half an hour or more. Adult feeds on smaller soft-bodied insects. Larvae prey on aquatic insects.

-------------This description courtesy of Royal BC Museum-----------

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