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The Protected Lands Catalogue v3 Download Centre
Released on April 03, 2003, Version 3 is the most recent release of the Protected Lands Catalogue. If your Land Trust or Conservancy is still using version 2.12, it is recommended that you download and install this updated version to access its new features and functionality. A CD-ROM can be made available by emailing the BC Lands In Trust Project Coordinator at

The Protected Lands Catalogue is a data entry tool designed for Land Trusts and Conservancies. It serves to register all of the lands held in trust through conservation covenants, fee simple, and stewardship agreements in the "BC Lands In Trust Registry." As well, it indexes property specific information, such as Land Holder contact infomation, reports, photos, finance logs etc. to the protected area which they are related.

Version 3 is the latest version of the catalogue softwarwe. Changes to Version 3 include several new Land Trust sections, several new fields in the Registry section, as well as an "Acquistion Partners" database and the ability to easily produce a "Project List" and an "Export Table". You can download the catalogue by clicking on the Registry Icon below, and choosing to save it to disk. Depending on the operating system which you are using, you may have to Right-Click and choose "Save Target As...".

To install the application, download the "PLC" file, extract the setup files using "WinZip" or another similar decompression utility. Then, open the "PLC v3 Setup.exe". The program will be placed in your C:\Program Files\ directory. Readme.txt and License Agreement.txt files are also included in the zip package. These documents, along with the "PLC Help" section within the application, will provide you with the background you may need to use the program. If you need assistance, contact Technical Support listed below.

This is a 3.68mb ".zip" download. You will need "WinZip"
or a similar decompression utility to open this file.
Download Now

The Protected Lands Catalogue v3 "Users' Guide is available for download in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format from the main "Downloads for LTABC Members" Page.


For Technical Assistance, Contact
The Land Trust Alliance of BC

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