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Download the Latest Red Listed Species Information
To update the red listed species information in your installed version of "The Protected Lands Catalogue v3", Click on the picture below, select "Save As", "Save to Disk" etc. and navigate to "C:\Program Files\Protected Lands Catalogue v3\" and save it in this folder. When asked if you wish to overwrite the existing file (Speciesupdate.lit) click "Yes" to agree. Your Red Listed Species will now be up to date.

More detailed instructions can be found within the PLC application. Simply navigate to the "Red Listed Species" section of the application and click the "How" button for instructions.

All Land Trusts with the Protected Lands Catalogue v3 installed should download and install this file.

Download Now

This update includes the latest changes (2004) to CDC's Red Listed species, and COSEWIC's Endangered and Threatened categories

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The Land Trust Alliance of BC

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